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Welcome to the Southern Great Lakes Region Neurodiversity at Work Hub.

With colleagues and friends from Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, the goal of this Hub is to support neurodivergent students through university, help them find summer internship opportunities, and provide them the support they need to achieve their career goals. We match up students with employers, help train employers how to recruit, interview, hire, and retain neurodivergent job candidates, help neurodivergent adults in the area with additional skills development and coaching, and connect service providers with neurodivergent employees.


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Neurodiversity at Work Research Workshop

Our mission is to support the preparation, recruitment, persistence, advancement, and management of neurodivergent individuals in the workplace. We will mentor and support neurodivergent students to succeed in their educational goals in high school, college, and beyond. In addition, we focus on creating educational pedagogy to teach neurotypical coworkers how to work best with their neurodivergent colleagues.



Karen Krainz Edison
Program Manager
Ohio State University


Jeff Cowgill
Vice President
JP Morgan Chase & Co
Hala Annabi
University of Washington at Seattle
Kathryn Dow-Burger
Clinical Associate Professor
University of Maryland at College Park


JP Morgan Chase & Co
JP Morgan Chase & Co

Service Providers

Amy Tavares
Neurodiversity Program Manager
Carnegie Mellon University